Groomer of the year competition

Echoing “Malaysia Boleh!”, all the way from the United States Of America. For the very first time, Malaysian groomer’s flag flies high on a world stage, the Intergroom 2007 at New Jersey. “It was fabulous” exclaimed Ms Annie Goh excitedly. “I am happy to represent my country on an international level and I am still flying high!” Annie Goh was describing her fantastic outing at the world pet grooming competition held at Intergroom 2007, Somerset, New Jersey.

Intergroom 2007. Mixed Breed/Misc Class. Groomer Of The Year Competition..

Not only did Annie put Malaysia on groomers’ map, she wowed the audience and the judges as she did her marvelous groom on 2 Poodles and a Mixed Breed at New York. Annie is no stranger to the competition ring or the winners’ circle. This incredible girl has been thrilling the grooming world for almost a decade with her prowess in the rings.

Just how did Annie Goh begin her amazing career and what led her into the competition ring? “It was fate!” Annie says emphatically. “When I am done dealing with my designer course for almost 5 years in Australia, I decided to embark into the pet grooming career with my family” recalls Annie. That fateful day was the beginning of Annie’s remarkable career. “I started my training in Australia then attended training with Nancy Han Kallenbach, Trish Finn, Teri Di Marino and Scott Wasserman from America, Vero Da Sylvia from France, Karin Kretchmer from Germany, Tomoko Hirokawa from Japan, Sathit Surapiphit from Thailand, Ron Stoneke and Jennifer Shaw from Canada and large breed from Mr. Gan, an American certified master groomer and my partner in pursuit!”

Annie began entering grooming competition soon after she gain exposure from various masters. She has a wall at her grooming academy and salon completely filled with ribbons, plaques and trophies. Her career in the competition ring has included grooming various breeds and she has also been tremendously successful in the creative styling competition.

As the matter of fact, Annie has appeared on NTV 7 The Breakfast Show with celebrity Daphne Iking on styling and grooming dogs in perfect show style.

Intergroom 2007. Extreme Makeover.

As for anyone who has ever entered a grooming competition, they will know that it takes incredible amount of work, dedication and sacrifice to have a successful career in the competitive grooming world. Most competitors have special routines and regulations that they adhered to before and after a competition. “When competitions are approaching, I have to stay focused on my styling, finishing with my to-be “models”. I go over and over in my head what I am going to do and then in the ring, I focus on the task at hand. Mr. Gan, my chief and partner in pursuit of excellence has and still is my source of motivation and he is always a dependable advisor. I rely on his advice and support. He is a fantastic master planner and a talented captain.”

Many new groomers don’t realize the amount of grooming preparation that goes into the preparation for a world class competition. Many of the most talented groomers from all corners of the world compete fiercely at these events. The winner is determined by a panel of judges made up of knowledgeable experts who multifaceted experience in the grooming industry.

Annie is a Malaysian and American Certified Master Groomer and has been in the pet care career for almost a decade. She is a partner and teacher at House Of Groomers Academy & Pet Salon and she is very popular among pet groomers as well as pet owners. Her clientele from both pet and show grooming circles seek her specialized skills and her work is always in high demand. On the local front, she is mostly known as ‘Teacher Annie’

As busy as these interests keep Annie, she has even more irons in the fire. Annie loves the excitement of competition and facing new challenges. She participates in social works with SPCA and other non profit organization. With all her accomplishments, what do you think this dynamic gal is planning for her future? Annie confesses wistfully, “I really want to create some forms of regulatory framework governing the responsible, code and ethics of pet groomers on my home ground. The knowledge I achieved has been a gift from so many grooming gurus from around the world I want to share what I know with many more to come!”