10 Reasons, Why?

Beyond pet grooming: we are NOT in the business of just snipping hair or washing pets, we are in the business of LOVE - we enhance the LOVE between men and his best friend…

10 reasons why we are a cut above:

1. Though we respect other self-trained groomers, we trust you prefer that we are international certified professional pet groomers and abide by groomers’ code of ethics. We are all good standing members of Malaysian Pet Groomers Association (MPGA) and National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA).

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2. Our academy is recognized internationally and won top championship awards locally as well as internationally. We are exclusively invited yearly to participate in world grooming championships i.e. Intergroom and Oster World Championship, USA. We excel in styling while ensuring comfort to your pets.

3. We received merits and praises from local dailies (The Star on 24 March 2007, 27 Sept 2006 & 29 March 2006, Sin Chew Jit Poh 27 Jan & 7 February 2007, Oriental Press 27 Jan 2006, Kwong Ming daily 2001), magazines (Pets, Petworld, Citta Bella, The Edge-Haven, Personal Money, MKA Berita Anjing) and national tv (ntv 7 Breakfast Show 6 June 2006). We continue to set the pace and lead in the pet grooming profession.

4. Cleanliness is our first priority and we encourage all customers to visit our grooming place. Our grooming laboratories are sterilized with German Med Klinn air sterilizer to minimize the spread of germs and diseases while ensuring clean and fresh air in the working environment.


5. All our grooming kits and shears are sterilized with imported sterilizer to equipment to ensure diseases and germs are not spread from one to the other during the course of grooming.

6. We use only the best and newest state of the art grooming kits and tools to ensure comfort to your pets while snipping them to perfection. Celebrities and clients entrust their pooches to us and we are highly acknowledged for our skills and care.

7. We chose Chris Christensen grooming products, shampoos and conditioners imported from the USA to beautify pets. Chris Christensen products are recommended by world renowned master groomers and show handlers. Its efficacy surpassed most other grooming products and we are proud to be chosen as the ambassador of these great products.

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8. Unlike others, we calm pets with soft verbal encouragement, soothing holistic massages and touches. We do not muzzled pets in the course of grooming. Many clients believe we are extra ordinary dog’s whisperers.

9. Foremostly, we ensure the safety of your pet. We practice one pet to one groomer at any one time. We use hand held turbo dryer and pets are cleansed thoroughly before blow drying. We do not use box dryer which causes dehydration and heat stroke or human hair dryer which causes damage to pet’s hair. All pets are sling through its body during the process of grooming and we avoid any possible injury or harm while pet is placed with our care.

10. Lastly, this is our motto: “A groomer is judged by the work he/she does. Every pet is either a walking testimony to the groomer’s skills or proof of her/his inability. Let the pets we groom always be a mirror of our expertise in the field.” In dog we trust, in cats we care & in all livings we cherish.

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