There are different kinds of pet groomers in the world. One kind is the type who would embrace the career with foresight and advancement. A second is an artist, who puts creativity on the forefront of this career. Either way, if one is dedicated and endlessly seeking to improve, he/she is set on the path to success. In this career, you are what you groom and vice versa.

Proudly, for the very first time, House of Groomers Academy Malaysia led by its president, Mr. Gan Wee Yet was able to invite two most knowledgeable teachers and certifiers the world can offer, Ms Nancy Han Kallenbach and Ms Tomoko Hirokawa, to test and certify a number of NCMGs, certify groomers and conduct a terrier seminar at House Of Groomers Academy Malaysia. This cements a new era of working relationship between countries in the Far East in particular House Of Groomers Academy Malaysia with NDGAA America. This sets a new height on transfer of skills and knowledge. It was a small step for the organizers but a giant leap for the international grooming industry.

It was a pleasure to have Ms Nancy Han Kallenbach’s bubbly and helpful character and Ms Tomoko Hirokawa’s strict but yet precise nature to conduct the testing and seminar in Malaysia. Both the certifiers gave the students and teachers of House Of Groomers Academy a new insight to this career and also what is to behold in the future of this career. Both Nancy and Tomoko presented well with their grooming skills, vast knowledge, career acumen and both were excellent representatives of NDGAA. Staff, students and teachers of House Of Groomers Academy appreciate the knowledge, kindness and experience shared by both the certifiers. Ms Nancy and Tomoko were given VIP treatment from start till the end and the relationship established from both sides have been strong, beneficial and very positive. Looking forward, this will be a formidable pet grooming “marriage” the world can reckon with!

In the pursuit of excellence with strong desire for advancement, Mr. Gan Wee Yet, the founder of House Of Groomers Academy Malaysia, has in many ways did what most would think impossible. With an encyclopedia depicting Malaysian people still living on trees, this small country unknown to some, has once own the tallest building in the world. Though the Malaysian pet industry is relatively small, it has a good number of pet groomers. Most groomers are self trained and even more learn from unknown sources. Mr. Gan hopes that one day, all practices can be standardized and abide by a set of common code of ethics. He has brought Malaysian groomers to the world stage, competing in America, Europe and other parts of the world; with himself as an international grooming judge, established Malaysian Pet Groomers Association and now, made a breakthrough with NDGAA certification outside America. House Of Groomers Academy Malaysia is the first school successfully invited NDGAA certifiers to certify its groomers outside the American continent. It is in Mr. Gan’s hope that with this breakthrough, more countries will start to rope in NDGAA certifiers to test groomers and thus creating a standardize grooming practice throughout the world.

Last but not least, House Of Groomers Academy Malaysia would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Ms Nancy Han Kallenbach and Ms Tomoko Hirokawa for their world class skills and knowledge, Jeff and Mary Ann Reynolds for bringing NDGAA to Malaysia and Peggy Harris for her effort in ensuring all well ends well. Thank you from Malaysia.