It is our aim to transform you into an ethical, responsible and creative groomer. Several modes of instructions and latest concepts will be taught. Fundamental and traditional techniques will be introduced and text books references provided. Videos conferences for beginners will give deep insights on world renowned groomers and their experiences.

Mr. Gan, Ms. Annie and students of House of Groomers

For all courses, most time is spent in the grooming laboratory working with animals, applying and perfecting skills. Students will be exposed to veterinary services, kennel, grooming and retail establishments. Industry professionals, veterinarians, nutritionists and manufacturer representatives present special topics to students.

We encourage students to attend, and make schedule allowances for pets related events, dog shows, trade shows and seminars. We emphasize precise artistic work while demanding competence. All graduates receive a certificate attesting to their accomplishment.

Your learning experience at House Of Groomers will be fast paced, varied and interesting.

The courses offered are:
  • General Practitioner Groomer Course
  • Pet Cosmetologist Course
  • Master Groomer
  • Special Course: Creative Grooming
  • Executive Diploma in Pet Grooming Management
  • Professional Diploma in Pet Grooming & Management
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Recognized Members

Instructors are recognized members of:
  • International Society of Canine Cosmetologists
  • National Dog Groomers Association of America, Inc.
  • Malaysian Pet Groomers Association
  • Malaysian Kennel Association
  • Thailand Kennel Club
  • Canadian Kennel Club